Empowering Independence

Experience Individualised Tailored Supports

Build a trusting relationship with someone of similar age and interests

Peer Mentors

A Peer Mentor is a positive role model who guides a supportive relationship. They engage in positive reinforcement while sharing knowledge and experience and providing the opportunity to learn different perspectives and build new skills. A peer mentor can support problem solving skills and strategies and build relationships while being relatable. Our mentors are matched according to their age, interests, and personality.

Support Workers
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Practice skills within your day-to-day life

Therapy Assistants

Our qualified therapy assistants and university students, will work with your team of allied health
professionals. They will assist you to practice the skills and strategies that you are taught in a clinical
setting and utilise these skills in a more naturalistic environment in which you live your life. Therapy
Assistants work specifically on developing your individual needs at less than 45% of the cost of allied
health professionals.

Explore. Discover. Live

Support Workers

Great disability support workers assist you to meet your individually tailored goals. They may
support you to engage in activities within your community, help around the home, cook meals and
many other fun, exciting or calming activities. It’s up to you. You have the choice and control to
select what best fits with your needs and wants.

Peer Mentor
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Supporting you as you Make Connections.

Recovery Coaches

Compassionate Recovery Coaches spend time with you and the people that are important to you.
They get to know you, understand your needs and find services and supports that can help you.
They will assist you to get help from mental health services and work with you to understand the
NDIS and how it can best support you. A Recovery Coach is your advocate.