Peer Mentor in Perth

The Role of a Peer Mentor at Link My Plan

The role of a peer mentor involves providing guidance, support, and encouragement to you based on shared experiences and understanding. 


Peer mentors offer valuable insights, empathy, and practical assistance to help you navigate challenges, develop skills, and work towards achieving your NDIS goals.


 They create a supportive and inclusive environment where you learn from each other all whilst building your confidence. Peer mentors play a crucial role in fostering relationships, promoting learning, and contributing to your overall well-being, growth and development. 



He would place one foot on the pedal in an upward position and used the other foot to push himself off the ground. Gradually he was able to lift his second foot onto the pedal and started moving in a controlled manner, with Gemma holding on to the bike as support.
Reducing this support overtime Gemma eventually let go, and off he flew.  This young man was overwhelmed with happiness, joy and excitement that not only did he learn how to ride his bike on his own, but he was able to participate in the school
camp just like his friends! Update – He is now a confident rider and learning road safety.

What is Peer Mentoring?

A peer mentor is someone who provides guidance, support, and advice to their peers based on their own experiences and knowledge.


Peer mentors are typically individuals who have undergone similar experiences or challenges as those they are mentoring, allowing them to offer valuable insights, encouragement, and practical assistance. 


Peer mentoring relationships are often characterised by mutual respect, empathy, and understanding, as peers work together to achieve personal and professional growth.


 Peer mentors play a crucial role in fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, helping their peers navigate challenges, develop skills, and reach their goals.

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How can a Link My Plan Peer Mentor benefit you or your loved one:

Guidance: Peer mentors offer advice, insights, and strategies based on their own experiences to help you navigate challenges and achieve your NDIS goals.


Emotional Support: Mentors provide a listening ear, empathy, and encouragement to support you to develop strategies to navigate challenging situations. 


Skill Development: Mentors share knowledge, resources, and feedback to help you develop specific skills, competencies, and capabilities.


Confidence Building: Mentors can support you to boost your confidence and self-esteem by recognising your strengths, validating your achievements, and encouraging you to take on new challenges.


Overall, peer mentoring support provides a nurturing and empowering environment where you can learn, grow, and thrive with the guidance and encouragement of their peers.