Transformative Psychosocial Recovery

Empowering Your Journey Towards Independence and Resilience

At Link My Plan, we understand the unique challenges faced by individuals with psychosocial disabilities. Our dedicated Psychosocial Recovery Coaches are more than just guides; they are partners in your journey towards a fulfilling and self-directed life.


 Our service is designed to provide comprehensive support, blending professional expertise with genuine care and understanding.



Our Unique Approach to Psychosocial Recovery

Building Strong, Recovery-Enabling Relationships


Our coaches excel in forging relationships based on trust and respect, focusing on your strengths and personal goals. We prioritise your autonomy and decision-making, ensuring that the path to recovery is led by you, tailored to your individual needs.



A Collaborative Ecosystem of Support


Link My Plan stands out with its holistic approach. We work in tandem not just with you but also with your family, carers, and other services. This collaboration extends beyond just planning; it encompasses implementation, ensuring every step of your recovery plan is actionable and aligned with your aspirations.

He would place one foot on the pedal in an upward position and used the other foot to push himself off the ground. Gradually he was able to lift his second foot onto the pedal and started moving in a controlled manner, with Gemma holding on to the bike as support.
Reducing this support overtime Gemma eventually let go, and off he flew.  This young man was overwhelmed with happiness, joy and excitement that not only did he learn how to ride his bike on his own, but he was able to participate in the school
camp just like his friends! Update – He is now a confident rider and learning road safety.

Our Services: Beyond Traditional Coaching

Customised Recovery Planning


Your recovery plan is as unique as you are. Our coaches assist in developing personalised strategies that resonate with your life’s objectives, focusing on enhancing your independence and daily living skills.


Flexible and Immediate Support


Understanding the unpredictability of life, we offer support that adapts to your schedule. With no waitlists and availability during weekends and after hours, we ensure that you receive support when you need it the most.


Enhanced Mental Health Expertise


With a profound understanding of mental health, our coaches provide insights and strategies specifically tailored to psychosocial disabilities. This expertise enables a nuanced approach to your mental wellness.


Empowerment Through Education


We believe in empowering you with knowledge and skills. Our coaches are dedicated to increasing your awareness and understanding of your choices and rights within the NDIS framework.

Why Choose Link My Plan?

Experience and Professionalism


With years of experience in the field, our team brings a depth of understanding and a professional approach to every interaction. Our coaches are not just service providers; they are passionate advocates for your well-being.


Beyond Recovery Coaching


At Link My Plan, we don’t just stop at recovery coaching. We understand the importance of a comprehensive support network. Our services extend to coordinating with other NDIS supports, ensuring a seamless and integrated experience.


Commitment to Your Success


Your success is our mission. We are committed to walking alongside you at every step, celebrating your achievements, and supporting you through challenges.


Get in Touch with Link My Plan

Embark on a journey of recovery and empowerment with Link My Plan. Reach out to us today to explore how our Psychosocial Recovery Coaches can make a difference in your life. Together, let’s link your plan to a brighter, more resilient future.